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The TAP Library app is currently for iPad only, which means that if you are browsing from an iPhone, you will not see it in the App Store.  Here you’ll find the same information as that on the app’s page in the App Store. (If you’d like to see TAP on a different device or platform, we’d love to hear from you.  Contact us with your suggestion!)

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Designed and written by a reading and dyslexia specialistCustom settings support learners with dyslexia, ASD, ADHDLearning with dignity: support materials and phonics levels available discreetlyGet the free iPad and browse through the growing collections of novels today


The Teen and Adult Phonics (TAP) Library offers a growing collection of sequential, decodable digital novels with edgy, engaging themes designed to appeal to teenagers and adults. Care has been taken to build a positive experience for older emergent readers, especially those with SpLD such as dyslexia, ASD or ADHD.

Download the free app to examine all of the support materials, listen to the narrated introduction and read the beginning of any novel in the collection.

Build Confidence

TAP novels support the teaching of systematic and cumulative phonics to older learners, especially those with learning difficulties like dyslexia. Minimal use of “weird words”—non or not yet decodable words—allows teens and adults to experience success in reading and grow into confident emergent readers.

Preserve Dignity

Older learners with severe reading difficulties don’t want to be handed another levelled reader or “baby book”. These apps combine high-quality, age-appropriate images with clean design. Support materials and level information are kept off the cover and out of the main text to give learners a “novel reading” experience to be proud of. Progress through the book is indicated and encouraged with feedback designed for older learners.

Support for Dyslexic Learners

Attention to the needs of learners with dyslexia or other difficulties (ASD, ADHD) has gone into every feature of the app:

  • Open Dyslexia as a font option
  • distractions on pages with text are minimal (no movement or sound unless the user interacts with the app)
  • easily accessible page numbers and colour coded chapters along the margins
  • swipe or non-swipe page navigation allows a reader to touch the page to aid decoding without accidentally changing pages
  • images and sound are optional
  • optional white noise for masking classroom noise
  • save learner preferences and location in each book in a user profile
  • unlimited user profiles

Systematic and Cumulative Phonics

The library currently contains four novels at TAP Level 2. Level 2 texts are written using fully decodable words of the following types: CVC, CCVC, CCVCC, CV (open syllable). Words can include the consonant digraphs sh, th, ch, wh, qu and ending sounds ck, ng, nk . A small number of single-syllable open-syllable words (eg. “she”) and a very small number of “weird words” (non or not yet decodable words) are used in each book. Users can set their preference for UK or US vocabulary and spelling (eg. ”mum” versus “mom”, ”bin” versus ”trash”). More information on the TAP phonics progression is available on our website,

Designed by a Reading and Dyslexia Specialist

Victoria Leslie, a reading and dyslexia specialist based in Australia, designed the TAP series and is writing each of these high-interest novels. These texts are for use by specialist dyslexia/literacy teachers, schools and parents as well as teens and adults seeking to learn to read.


The Teen & Adult Phonics Library app is free to download and includes a sample of every decodable reader in the collection as well as free access to each book’s teacher/tutor support materials and narrated introduction.  Full access to each book is available as an in-app purchase at a cost of US$2.99 / AUS$4.49 / GBP£2.99 / CAD$3.99.

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