Affordable, readily-accessible book apps to support teaching of phonics for adults and teens, that's the TAP Series. Books at our levels 2 and 3 (the phonics progression planned is outlined on this page) are especially hard to find so our initial goal is to grow this series of decodable books at those levels. Adults and teens with dyslexia and other learning difficulties will love these apps designed by experts with their needs in mind.

Level 2


In this story set in a rough area of London, a teenage boy and his mother struggle to adjust to life in a new home and new neighbourhood.

Cover of Dog Man TAP ebook for teens with dyslexia

“The Dog Man”

After a hard life, the Dog Man finds himself living day-to-day on a beach in California with only a dog to care for him.

The eBooks are currently available as affordable stand-alone apps (one app per book) for iPad. Support for Android tablets will be added once the catalogue has grown somewhat. A single app with the full library and support for multiple learner profiles and for storing learner responses in various modalities is also in development. If you are interested in testing this platform, please contact us.