The TAP phonics book apps for iPad is a series of decodable novels aimed at a teen and adult audience. Each book in the series seeks to blend sequential and decodable phonics with real literature containing sophisticated, sometimes gritty, themes. These eBook apps for iPad are designed by specialists to be used by specialist dyslexia/literacy teachers, schools and parents as well as teens and adults seeking to learn to read.

“Bad” is now available on the App Store!

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A teenage boy and his mother struggle to adjust to life in a new home and new neighborhood. Level 2

Cover of Dog Man TAP ebook for teens with dyslexia

“The Dog Man”

After a hard life, the Dog Man finds himself living day-to-day on a beach in California with only a dog to care for him. Level 2

Phonics for adults and teens and design suited to the needs and feelings of older learners, with a particular focus on adults and teens with dyslexia, combine in every hi-lo eBook in the TAP series.


  • typefaces and typesetting (larger fonts and interline spacing) and choice of contrast (light on dark or dark on light) helpful to readers with dyslexia
  • high-quality images that support and enhance understanding of the text but can optionally be removed
  • progress through the book is indicated and encouraged with feedback appealing to older emergent readers
  • distractions on pages with text are minimal (no movement or sound unless the user interacts with the app)
  • support material for teachers/tutors readily accessible from the home screen rather than being "part of the book" and a possible source of embarrassment or disappointment for the learner

For details about the phonics content of each level in the series, please have a look at our  phonics level page.  Or browse our app titles to find the books your students will want to read.

On our blog, you'll find articles related to dyslexia and other learning difficulties such as ADHD and ASD in teens and adults, phonics for older learners, and tips and resources for teaching reading to teenage and adult emergent readers.