The TAP Philosophy

TAP (Teens and Adult Phonics) Library is an iPad app offering a series of novels written for teenagers and adults with dyslexia and other reading challenges.  First and foremost, these novels are intended to be high-quality literature that appeals to, and creates a response in, a mature reader.  The themes are sophisticated, edgy and thought provoking and should elicit discussion from readers. You’ll find a complete introduction to the philosophy and design considerations underlying the TAP series of phonics books for adults and teens here:

Our Learner-Centred Philosophy

The TAP Phonics Progression

The TAP Library consists of sequenced and fully decodable texts. The phonics level of a given text is indicated in the app information screen accessible from the “cover” of each ebook.  The levels can also optionally be displayed when browsing the entire library.  Every level builds on the phonics content of the previous levels.  A detailed description of the phonics levels is found on this page:

Systematic and Cumulative Phonics Levels

The TAP Team

The series was conceived of by a reading and dyslexia specialist, Victoria Leslie.  The app itself has been built by her collaborator Greg McDonald with careful attention to the needs and dignity of the teen and adult learners using it.  For more information about Victoria and Greg, click here:

Dyslexia Specialist + Designer/Coder