Decodable text meet Rex: a story full of animals and charm

Our goal in 2020 is to add at least four new level 1 stories to the collection. We’re pleased to announce the release of an update to our app which includes Rex, a story full of caring, calm and a delightful collection of pets.

Every digital decodable novel in our app begins with a narrated introduction to set the scene and introduce or explain any words that are decodable at that level but may be less familiar to learners. Here is the introduction to Rex.

It is winter and Will and his pet dog, Rex, have fallen asleep in front of the open fire in the small sitting room that the family call a โ€˜snugโ€™. It is late and the rest of the family are asleep until Mum is woken up by Rex barking. She comes down to find her son, Will, calming his distressed pug who has been frightened by a burning log that has fallen from the fire. She returns to bed after telling Will to get some sleep before school the next day.

How will Will resettle the scared dog and get his other pets ready for the night so that he can get some rest before school the next day?

If you haven’t already done so, you can download our free app for iPhone and iPad to read a sample of every story in the collection including Rex. The full text of each story is available as an in-app purchase.

In you prefer to pay once, the TAP School Edition g ives you access to every story in the collection now and in future updates.