This Inspiring Review for TAP on the App Store is our first

This week we got our first written review of the TAP Library app on the App Store and quite an inspiring review it was. I just had to share it.  “Awesome, Great Grandma” (couldn’t agree more!) writes:

A few weeks ago my young adult grandson, who has cognitive impairments, came to live with us. Reading has always been a struggle for him, but he wants to improve. We discovered that he reads on a kindergarten level and has low compression. We wanted to help him but didn’t want to humiliate him with childish apps or children’s books. We found this app and it has been amazing! Even though he struggles with even a phonics level 2, the words are not beyond his ability to sound the out. The stories are mature and meaningful to him. My only concern is that there are only five novels and we will be through them in about 6 weeks. I’m not sure what we will do then as this has been highly effective for him. I am just hoping for more titles by then.

Reading this brought (at least) one member of the TAP Team to tears.  It’s hard to explain how happy a review like this can make us and how powerfully it encourages us to continue growing our collection of decodables for older readers. To “Awesome, Great Grandma”, I replied:

Thank-you for taking the time to share this with us. You **are** an Awesome Great Grandma to have found TAP for your grandson and we’re so glad you did. New titles are indeed in the works. With your encouragement, hopefully they’ll be ready even sooner. Best regards to you and your grandson! Greg and Victoria

It’s great to know people are finding their way to these decodable texts and at the same time hard to believe Apple almost refused to sell our app on the App Store. It’s been quite a ride.