List of Decodable Words: TAP Level 1

“Over 800 decodable words at level 1?  Don’t be a tease….what are they?”  No problem.  Below you’ll find the alphabetized list of decodable words at TAP phonics level 1.  We hope you find this list (and our free decodability analysis tool) useful.  One of the best ways to show your appreciation is to tell people about and the TAP Library app.

Much cooler (and possibly more useful) than that, however, is this public Google Sheets spreadsheet I made entitled “List of decodable words at TAP Library Level 1” with the same list and information about parts of speech and frequency (the number of times the word occurs per million words of English text according to Google Books Ngrams).  I used the amazing Datamuse API (which is behind the equally cool website RhymeZone) to get the latter info.  If you’re comfortable sorting and filtering data in a Google Sheets spreadsheet, it’s easy to get, for example, all the verbs in order of frequency.

Decodable ≠ Common

These are Level 1 decodable words, which means they are VC, CVC, CCVC or CVCC with each letter contributing a sound, all vowel sounds short and g and c sounds hard. The list is generated algorithmically with no regard for how common a word is.  That being said, over half of the words have a frequency of more than 5.  Bug is 5.39, for example.  Down among the least frequent words, there are beauties such as drub (0.03), cusk (0.02) and bort (0.1) (links to definition at ). So without further ado…

List of Decodable Words at Level 1

a act add adz aft am an and ant apt ask asp ass at bad bag ban band bask bass bast bat bats batt bed beg bell belt ben bend bent best bet bets bib bibb bid biff big bilk bill bin bit bits bled blip blob bloc blot bob boff bog bond bop born bort boss bott box brad brag bran bras brat bred brig brim brin brit bub bud buff bug bulb bulk bum bump bun bund bunn bunt bus busk buss bust but buts butt buzz cab cad cads cam camp can cant cap caps cask cast cat cats celt clad clam clan clap clef clip clog clot club cob cobb cod cog comp con conn cop cops cord cork corm corn coss cost cot cots cox crab cram crap crib cris crop crud crux cub cuff cull cult cup cups cusk cusp cuss cut cuts dab dad daft dag dak dam damp deb deft dell den dent desk did dig dill dim din dint dip dips disc disk docs doff dog doll don dorm doss dost dot dots drab drag dram drip drop drub drug drum dub duct dud duff dug dull dump dusk dust ebb egg elf elk elm end fact fad fan fast fat fats fax fed fell felt fen fend fess fez fig fill film fin fisc fist fit fits fix fizz flab flag flak flam flan flap flat flax fled flex flip flit floc flog flop flux fob fog fond font fop ford fork form fort foss fox frap fret frog fun fund fuss fuzz gab gad gaff gag gal gamp gap gaps gas gasp gast get gets gib gift gig gild gill gilt glad glen glib glob glop glum glut gob god golf got grab grad gram grid grim grin grip grit grog grub grum guff gulf gull gulp gum gun gust gut guts had haft hag ham hand hast hat hats heft held hell helm help hem hemp hen hex hid hill hilt him hint hip hips hiss hit hits hob hog hogg hop hops horn hot hots hub huff hug hulk hull hum hump hun hunt husk hut huts if ifs ilk ill imp in inn it its jab jam jazz jell jess jest jet jets jib jig jill jilt job jog joss jot jug jump jun just jut juts kats keg kelp kemp kent kept kid kill kiln kilt kin kip kiss kist kit kits kops koss kris lab lad lag lam lamp land lap laps lass last lat lats lax led left leg lek lend lent less lest let lets lev lex lid lift lilt limp linn lint lip lips lisp list lit lits lob loft log loll lop lord loss lost lot lots lox luff lug lull lump lunt lust lux macs mad mag man map maps mask mass mast mat mats matt meld mell melt men mend mess met milk mill milt mint miss mist mitt mix mob mod moll mom mop mops morn mort mosk moss mots mott mud muff mug mull mum mumm musk must mutt nab nag nap naps ness nest net nets nett next nib nil nill nip nips nit nix nod norm not nub null nun nut nuts odd off oft on opt orb ox pacs pact pad pal pan pant pap pass past pat pats pax peg pelt pen pent pep pest pet pets pig pill pimp pin pip pips piss pit pits plan pled plod plop plot plug plum plus pod pomp pond pop pops pork porn port pot pots pox prep prig prim prod prom prop pub puff pug pulp pump pun punt pup pups pus puss putt raff raft rag ram ramp ran rand rant rap raps rapt rasp rat rats red redd ref rent repp reps rest rev rex rib rid riff rift rig rill rim rip rips risk rob rod romp rot rots rub rudd ruff rug rum rump run rusk rust rut ruts sac sacs sad sag samp sand sap saps sass sat sax scab scad scam scan scat scot scud scum sect self sell send sent sept set sets sex sift silk sill silt sin sip sips sit sits six skid skim skin skip skit slab slag slam slap slat sled slid slim slip slit slob slog slop slot slug slum slut smit smog smug smut snag snap snip snob snot snub snug sob sod soft sol sop sops sort sot span spat sped spic spin spit spot spud spun stab stag stem step stet stop stub stud stum stun sub sudd sulk sum sump sun sup swam swig swim swum tab tact tad tag talc tam tamp tan tap taps task tass tat tax ted tell ten tend tent test text tics tiff till tilt tin tint tip tips toff toft tom top tops torn tort toss tot tots tram trap trek trig trim trip trod trot tub tuff tuft tug tusk tut tux twig twin up ups us vamp van vast vat vats vent vest vet vets vex vim vox wag wax web wed weld well welt wend went wept west wet wig will wilt win wind wisp wiss wist wit wits wiz wok woks won worn yak yam yap yaps yell yelp yen yep yes yet yett yin yip yom yon yuk yuks yup zag zap zaps zed zest zig zip zips

“What about the filterable and sortable version?” Remember I mentioned the “much cooler (and possibly more useful)… public Google Sheets spreadsheet… entitled “List of decodable words at TAP Library Level 1”? That’s it. Click the link to view the spreadsheet.